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In summary:

Our fixing unit is the best for overhead burglar shutters in the market. This exceed the limits of bell systems, defender and original equipment locks.

The problem:

  • The shutters over doors are now the most popular way to close the garage. These are especially attractive to thieves since they contain valuable items and are generally unattended for long periods of time, especially at night. Only in Lombardy is estimated every two minutes, a theft made by “gangs” specialized affecting dozens of boxes in a night, forcing easily the overhead door.

What’s on offer:

The devices on the market to close a damper are varied but each of these is characterized by several weaknesses that allow a rapid neutralization and not noisy, thus not attract attention.

  • The shutter locks OE: They normally mechanically weak, are not anti-drilling and are often installed with short cylinder, working only three pistons, which makes it easier to find the encryption and open it. The method most used by attackers to force this system is to make a hole in the sheet of the overhead door and with an underwire operate the lever on the inside, which allows to release the cylinder. Then just turn the handle and the box is opened.


  • The padlocks for good quality damper, armor or block, are very robust, but their effectiveness depends on the fixing unit to which they are applied. Those up to now on the market have the problem of leaving uncovered the fixing point on the floor or on the side of the same shutter, which can be so attached, for example with a crowbar


  • The groups of mounting for armored damper [for example those in the sphere] have the advantage of having precisely an armored body which protects the point of fixing to the floor but this nevertheless remains exposed and is therefore still the weak point of these systems. In addition systems they are normally, at least those of quality, very expensive compared to the other.


Why Ellelock:

In this context Ellelock is the most safe and economical alternative to all groups fastening (armored or not) currently on the market, since, instead of protecting complex and costly systems with the anchor point to the floor, simply secures it in the back damper thanks to an innovative and patented geometry of the fastening pin. This then becomes inaccessible to thieves.

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