Limitations of current safety systems for overhead

The security systems for most common overhead in the market base their effectiveness on the anchorage to the ground through the damper devices of various shapes and sizes . These , however, have all a weak point in common , namely the positioning of the locking hole to the ground place externally to the garage .
In our blog ( ) have already highlighted the problems related to the installation of these devices , in this article , however , say the ‘ emphasis on their main flaw: the vulnerability . In particular we show you a photograph , taken in our own building , from which it is clear that the thieves instead of worrying about attacking the padlock or the same tilting have simply forced the anchor to the floor.

Effrazione sistema di sicurezza per basculante

Effrazione sistema di sicurezza per basculanti


This makes it even more obvious how Ellelock , represents , in this context , the most innovative and secure solution to ensure safety at all garages . The rear setup eliminates the possibility of acting on the floor to force the system strongly discourages thieves in their venture.