The garage gang scored 15 shots in one night

THIENE / DUEVILLE – New raid of the “gang of the swinging hole” that has hit at least 15 times the other night in a raid in the streets Cismon and Valdastico Thiene and off 1. May in Dueville. They scored 15 break-ins have been developed, at least those reported to the police, in a single night in search of valuable bicycles by unknown predators, theft professionals, fast and silent acting and provided with a suitable means to load the booty . Last raid are at least 5 the value of bicycles (about 10,000 euro) stolen by criminals who have left in the garage visited the old ones and of little value for Black or foreign market. The implementing rules of members of the band is always the same: practicing a hole at the level of the pivoting handle to go with one hand and open it from the outside. The band in question probably studied the blow, prepares carefully choosing the buildings without gates, as well as the box containing expensive bicycles, watching in the days before the owners put into their expensive bikes. The band also performs a sorting of stolen, robbed because a street 1. May in Dueville found abandoned in the backyard an unknown bike even to neighbors. Probably she had been stolen in Thiene and then thrown to make room in the van to a higher value taken in Dueville.