Theft of the sight : 30 shots in one night


Wave of break-ins in the garage of Sesto Calende : dozens of locks forced between Oneda and Oriano .

Thin slurry, but residents are alarmed : ” We fear that the documents of the car from crawling “

In Sesto Calende comes the band of the peephole . Approximately thirty of the houses and neighborhoods of Oneda Oriano visit thieves in the night between Sunday and Monday . After other parts of Varese , the city on the Ticino has been targeted by the criminals entering garages of homes to seize goods and groped access in homes . The modus operandi is almost the same , even if the openings in the shutters of the box with pincers and flexible are smaller : the rips preliminary matter usually to view the interior of the garage , and then to assess the goods to be taken . And if necessary, allow the opening of the handle